Dear South African Investor,

My name is Abel Erasmus - I live in the Gold Coast Hinterland since moving to Australia from Bloemfontein in 2017. I've been involved in the Australian property as an active property investor since 2008 when I received my Permanent Residency.

Our company, NAI Harcourts Gold Coast, manages a portfolio of 211 commercial properties across the Gold Coast on behalf of investors.


My Australian business partner, George Parzis, owns Harcourts Broadwater which manages in excess of 500 residential properties on behalf of local and interstate investors. 

I've made many mistakes as an overseas property investor and have been fortunate that I've not lost any capital, but things could have been much worse - I was not advised on the property acquisitions by an impartial third party and have paid the "school fees"! Considering that I invested at R6.50 / $1 and the exchange rate is now nearly R12/$1, the investment has been an excellent rand hedge,despite the mistakes I made in the process.

Over the years we've seen the mistakes that investors in the Gold Coast Property market make and this is not limited to overseas investors, but also to interstate investors from across Australia. Our team is frequently asked the same question when performing appraisals - "But why is my property only worth what I paid 10 years ago ?". And the answer is usually "Because you paid too much for it!"

It is my genuine belief that you should divest some of your personal assets out of South Africa into a more stable currency and we are of the opinion that Australia and specifically the Gold Coast well-positioned for capital growth in the coming decade. 

We are not selling agents - we do not wish to sell you some of our property stock - this is one of the main areas of concern when sourcing property from Real Estate Agents: Selling agents are employed by the Seller and their mandate is to get the HIGHEST possible sale value.


We act as Buyer's advocates and it is our mandate to source the property that meets your investment needs. 

We are residential and commercial property managers and it is therefore of utmost importance that, should you retain our services after acquiring a property, that your property is tenanted and stay tenanted.

Our aim is to ensure that you buy the right property at the right price to achieve your investment goals. We charge a fee for the service we provide, irrespective of whether you proceed with the acquisition of the property as we spend time and effort in providing you with the best advice on your acquisition.

Once we know a bit more about you and your goals with investing in Australia, we can start the search for the right property at the right price - it is a process that takes time and we take the responsibility very seriously. These properties may be on- or off-market.

Simply provide us with your details and we will be in touch- unfortunately, it's no longer a question of "IF" or "WHEN" you should invest outside of South Africa as the debasement of the South African Rand is accelerating.

We are looking forward to assisting you in preserving some of your assets in Australian dollar-based assets.

The time is now.



Abel Erasmus
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George Parzis


closed borders with strict entry criteria

Australia has strict entry requirements and residency is only granted according to the specific needs of the country at a point in time. 


Entry is limited to skills and character requirements and the citizenry value their contribution to society as a whole.

an accountable democracy with strong institutions

The political arena is dominated by 2 major parties who keep each other in check as the split between Liberal and Labour is very close. 

Australia also has a strong regulatory framework which results in checks and balances in all sectors.

positive and  accountable business culture

There is a culture of personal responsibility for one's actions and this is echoed in the business environment and accountability is a priority.

This,coupled with an approachable and can-do attitude of the Australian workforce, makes it easy to do business as an outsider.

safety and security of person and property

Personal safety and security of property is highly valued and maintained.

Minor infringements of the Law is dealth with switfly and is frowned-upon by everyday Australians. 

This leads to a general feeling of safety of one's property and loved ones.



Since 2007 the South African Rand has depreciated from R5,50 / $1 to R11,87 / $1. 

This devaluation in purchasing power is not limited to the Australian Dollar, but also to other major international currencies.



Through our Harcourts' businesses, we manage properties across virtually all asset classes and it is this diversity of experience that gives us valuable insights into the property market:



The Gold Coast is a favoured destination for interstate migration, especially for Retirees. Furthermore, the COVID pandemic and hard lockdowns in Victoria and elsewhere has boosted migration to Queensland and the Gold Coast.


South East Queensland remains a favored destination for many overseas migrants as the region offers an enviable lifestyle coupled with expansive living. Queensland's handling of the Covid pandemic and the quick recovery therefrom has brought focus to Queensland and specifically the Gold Coast as a destination. 


The Gold Coast is renowned for its excellent outdoor living lifestyle. World-class beaches, numerous boating opportunity, access to National Parks combined with good health facilities make it an ideal lifestyle destination. 


Whether you are an existing property investor in Australia or a new investor, we can help. 


If you already own property in Australia, we can provide you with a free health-check on your investments.

If you are new to the Australian market, we can guide you through the investment process.

Provide us with your information and we will contact you confidentially to discuss your property investment goals:

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